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Fields near Nowa Wieś Wielka, one of the villages in Poland where some of my ancestors lived for about 150 years. Photograph taken by me in October, 2000.

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German/Polish Given (First) Names

Below is a short list of Polish Given Names with their German and English equivalents.  This list is not intended to be a comprehensive collection of Polish given names, nor is it in any way the work of an expert.  In fact, some of the Polish names in the first column are not even typically Polish. That is because this list reflects many of the names that were given to the German settlers who were living in Congress Poland in the area around Przedecz.  Being of German origin, they were given German names, but as they were born in Congress Poland, the birth records are in Polish and the German names were in many instances translated into Polish.  I have translated these names back into German, as well as into English, in the hope that my work will be of use to other genealogical researchers who are not familiar with the Polish language.  If you have any suggestions for improvements or corrections, I would appreciate to be contacted at:  
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If you are interested in common Polish first names as such, I can recommend this site:

Male Names
Polish German English
Adalbert Adalbert, Georg Adalbert, George, Albert
Andrzej Andreas Andrew
August, Augustyn August, Augustin Augustus, Augustine
Gottlob ?
Bogumił Gottlieb (Gottlob) Theophilus
Bogusław Gottfried (Friedrich), Gottlob Godfrey (Frederick) 
Daniel Daniel
Edward Eduard Edward
Ferdynand Ferdinand Ferdinand
Fryderyk, Frydrych Friedrich Frederick
Godfryd,Gotfryd Gottfried (Friedrich) Godfrey
Henryk Heinrich Henry, Harry
Jan Johann, Johannes, Hans John, Jack, Ian
Georg George
Józef Josef, Joseph Joseph, Joe
Juliusz, Juljusz Julius Julian, Julius
Karól Karl Carl, Charles
Krystian, Krystyan
Christian Christian
Krzysztof, Krysztof Christoph Christopher
Ludwik Ludwig Lewis, Louis
Maciej, Mateusz Matthias, Matthäus, Matthaeus Matthew
Marcin Martin Martin
Mateusz, Maciej Matthias, Matthäus, Matthaeus Matthew
Michał Michael Michael
Paweł Paul Paul
Piotr Peter Peter
Samuel Samueli Samuel, Sam
Stefan, Szczepan Stefan, Stephan Stephen, Steven
Wilchelm Wilhelm William, Bill
Wojciech Adalbert, Georg Adalbert, George, Albert

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Female Names
Polish German English
Adelajda, Adelhajda Adelheid Adelaide
Amalia Amalie Amelia
Anna Anna, Anne Anna, Ann, Anne
Apolonia, Apollonia Apollonia Pauline
Augustyna Augusta, Auguste ?
Beata Beata, Beate ?
Dorota Dorothea Dorothy
Eleonora Eleonora, Eleonore Eleanor, Elinor
Elżbieta Elisabeth Elizabeth, Elisabeth
Emilia, Emilja Emilie (Wilhelmine) Emily
Ernestyna Ernesta, Ernestine, Erna ?
Ewa Eva Eve, Evelyn
Florentyna Florentina, Florentine Flora, Florence
Fryderyka Friederike, Frieda Frederica, Freda
Henryka Henriette, Heinrike Henrietta, Harriet
Joanna Johanna, Johanne Joan, Joann, Joanna, Joanne
Julia Julia, Julie Julia, Juliet
Julianna, Juljanna Julia, Juliana, Juliane, Julianna, Julianne Julia, Juliet
Justina, Justyna Justa, Justina, Justine Justina
Karolina Karoline Caroline, Carol, Charlotte
Katarzyna Katharine Catherine
Krystyna Christine, Kristine Christina
Ludwika, Lowiza Luise Louise, Louisa
Małgorzata Margarete Margaret
Maria, Marja, Marya Maria, Marie Maria, Marie, Mary
Marianna, Maryanna Anne Marie, Marianne Marian, Marion
Matylda Mathilde Mathilda, Maud
Otylia, Ottylia Ottilie, Odilie Ottilia
Paulina Pauline Paula, Pauline
Rozalia, Rozyna Rosa, Rosalie, Rosine Rosalie, Rose
Rozyna, Rozalia Rosa, Rosalie, Rosine Rosalie, Rose
Teofila Theophila, Theophilie Theophila
Wilhelmina Wilhelmine Wilhelmina, Mina
Zuzanna Susanne Susan, Susanna, Suzanne

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